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The 4 words far too many people forget to say in interviews

The 4 words far too many people forget to say in interviewsThe 4 words far too many people forget to say in interviewsJob searching can feel like a job in and of itself sometimes. Between countless hours scrolling through job listings, perfecting your LinkedIn summary, and drafting a cover letter, it takes a healthy amount of effort just to secure an interview. And once you do make it that first round of interviews, an employers final decision depends on what you say, as much as it depends on your job skills.Surprisingly enough, in between reciting our three strengths and weaknesses and phrasing our salary expectations in a favorable way, many people are forgetting to say I want this job.But why do these four little words matter so much? It is important to explicitly say that you want the job in order to appeal to an interviewer during and after an interview particularly because it opens the possibility of asking more important questions, said human resources professional Cristian Re nnella, questions like Why do you want to work here? and How will this job fit with your professional goals?When a candidate is proactive about reiterating that they want the job that they are interviewing for, it also helps the interview become more efficient and productive added Renella. And it makes sense. If you can successfully articulate that you both want the job and really sell the reasons why, then youre one step closer to hopefully securing a job offer.Keep in mind though, that its all about balance, Theres nothing worse than having negative people on your team, so when recruiting, most people are looking for signs of enthusiasm and positivity, said Fiona Adler, hiring manager and creator of the Actioned App. And You dont want to sound desperate for the job, but you do want to let it be known that this job is a great fit for you and youd be delighted to be offered the role. What keeps more job candidates from saying this four words? It could be an overall lack of interview preparation, or fear of sounding too eager.From my personal experience, one of the top reasons candidates dont move to the next round in an interview (other than cultural fit or rambling) is that they cant close the interview, said Sarah Johnston, a former hiring manager and current job search coach.Many experts seem to prefer a well-informed, well-prepared job candidate, who goes beyond just displaying enthusiasm for a role, according to President of Goldbeck Recruiting Henry Goldbeck, who said that the key lies in Not just saying, I want this Job but being enthusiastic, confident and informed about the job and what you will be able to accomplish.This means being able to explain why you want the job and how you plan to contribute to the company. And the best way to be able to do this is to do thorough research beforehand. Be in the know about a companys mission, current and past initiatives, and its competitors.You do actually have to want the job, in order to give a compelling a nd authentic interview. So be sure that the job is a fit before you say those four words.Tiffany Curtis is a Philly-based freelance writer, podcaster, and sex positivist whose work focuses on empowerment for women of color, race, and culture, and sex positivity. She has written for sites like Blavity, Refinery29, and Hello Giggles.This article first appeared on Fairygodboss.

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The Inexplicable Puzzle Into Read Write Think Resume Generator

The Inexplicable Puzzle Into Read Write Think Resume Generator Lies Youve Been Told About Read Write Think Resume Generator For instance, a sample cover letter might show you the sort of action words you should have in your cover letter. You may use a table with or without borders, or you can place the term and its definition in distinct paragraphs. Explain you do not necessarily mean something of monetary price. This schablone is certain to bag you the job that you dream about. You may share your own story too, if youve got one. Basically, plots normally have a start, a middle and an end. Click the picture to obey the story Choose illustrations and compose a story developing a book. Top Read Write Think Resume Generator Secrets A template provides you with a suggested structure for your letter, which means you can quickly begin writing. It can help you structure your letter so that it is well organized. It is not so difficult to edit. You shouldnt need to pay for a c over letter template. New Questions About Read Write Think Resume Generator Anthony Gaughin conducted a superb webinar on this topic that you are able to access here. Together with helping with your layout, cover letter examples can allow you to see what sort of content you should have in your document. How to Find Read Write Think Resume Generator on the Web Click the section tab in which you desire to get the job done. So far JS learns somewhat Spanish from Dora the Explorer together with Leappad. This page indicates the basic way to make your glossary, and then goes through some measures to refine it. The templates are thus extremely important to acquire the exact first image right. After your template is filled up to promote your expertise, it must have the ability to make a result. You may use many kinds of data to see. Wufoo is an world wide web application which helps anybody build amazing on-line forms. You have to keep attempting to discover the best one until you find one, and you ought to encounter a template that brings another concentrate on your strengths. Read Write Think Resume Generator Secrets When youre finished creating your cover letter, you can choose how you wish to obtain the file. Once finished, you may download a PDF. Most online timelines you to split the time line on the internet but dont make it possible for you to conserve the timeline as a graphic file Word will automatically format your text for a hyperlink, and itll change colours once the user has visited that link, exactly like a web page hyperlink. Choosing Read Write Think Resume Generator Is Simple All the websites resources are readily available to anybody. The tedious work of assembling tailored resumes may be one of the most time-consuming portions of the job hunt. If your finest efforts are continually met with disapproval as time passes, you may want to look at looking elsewhere for employment. Quintcareers One of the most extensive career grow th sites online. A lesson plan doesnt need to get scripted to the letter. Its also flexible, so in the vorstellung that you wish to make your own letter, that vorkaufsrecht is available. Our lesson planning worksheet is able to help you estimate. How to ready the lesson program will also be important. Attempt to elicit a selection of positive and negative reactions i.e. reimburse their clients or deny the entire thing. Its possible for you to search, save, and share easily. Whichever way you decide on, the demand for a lesson program is crucial. You desire to select a resume template to be able to make an outstanding first impression, even before people begin reading. Cover letters are a significant part of the job application procedure. Create a long-lasting impression with our Artwork Designs you can personalize to fulfill your requirements. Children have a chance to learn from and with other folks. The War Against Read Write Think Resume Generator A daily or weekl y lesson program is developed by means of a teacher to steer class instruction. Our internet literacy materials demystify the process Web so that you may impart the important skills students will need to be safe, successful 21st century learners. Look over your top 3 scores. Situation and give students a couple of minutes to read them. Read Write Think Resume Generator - the Story Danny makes the decision to make changes in his life so as to get Sandy back. Tip Realize that even your very best efforts may not resolve the circumstance. Be aware that you may want to preteach a few of the words (demeanor and enunciate, for instance). In the event the child doesnt have any hearing impairment than the kid will learn pronunciation regardless.

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The Road to Talent Finding and Hiring Good Employees [INFOGRAPHIC] - Spark Hire

The Road to Talent Finding and Hiring Good Employees INFOGRAPHIC - Spark HireDespite the current record high unemployment in the United States, many hiring managers still report having a difficult time finding and keeping good employees. How can this be? According to this infographic, courtesy of HireRight, general dysfunction of the hiring process is often to blame. Many employers have lengthy or unattractive online application processes, or fail to respond in any way to a majority of candidates. Many also fail to use social media or implement a social hiring strategy. Luckily, all of these problems are easily fixable through advances in talent and social media technologies. Check out the infographic below for a map of the road to talent.The infographic road splits immediately into the right way and the wrong way. Appropriately, this split begins at the appearance of the online job application. 75% of job seekers say that the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision on whether or not to apply. If the job posting is outdated (15 weeks or older, especially), or the website looks unattractive, job seekers are less likely to apply. The same goes for your social media outlets while implementing a social hiring strategy. If youre not going to tweet frequently, dont tweet at all. Hiring managers looking to snag top talent need to make sure that their job postings convey a positive sense of company brand and culture. Talented job seekers have lots of options they should want to work at your company.Speaking of talented job seekers dont waste their time with applications that take forever or dont work well. With the quality of hiring software today, your online job application shouldnt take any longer than 5 minutes or so to complete.Another split along the right way and the wrong way is the way that employers work with social media and their social hiring strategy. Unlike job seekers of yesteryear, the majority of job seekers expect to find job posting s on social media sites. 69% have applied for jobs on LinkedIn 56% have found job postings on Facebook. Your social hiring strategy should utilize these social media sites, and others. 40% of job seekers reported using at least 3 different social media sites during their job search.Finally, common courtesy goes a long way toward finding top talent during the hiring process. 77% of candidates reported never hearing anything back to jobs they had applied for. How rude Hiring managers who take the time to respond to all applicants, even with rejection letters, increase job seekers good feelings about the managers companies. Good candidates are more likely to apply again in the future, or recommend your company to their friends. With your social hiring strategy, connecting with candidates is easier than ever. Contact current or past candidates on LinkedIn to see how job seekers feel about your hiring process. Some of their suggestions might just improve your hiring process, and net you more top talent.

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Emerging Technologies Round-Up - December 2013

Emerging Technologies Round-Up - December 2013 Emerging Technologies Round-Up - December 2013 Emerging Technologies Round-Up December 2013Congress 2013 and Upcoming 2014 ActivitiesIn addition to the inaugural Advanced Manufacturing Impact Forum, which was featured in a separate ASME News story in this issue, ASMEs Emerging Technologies area was involved in a number of other activities at the 2013 ASME grenzberschreitend Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition last month in San Diego, Calif. The Energy-Water Nexus Interdisciplinary Council, the Integrated/Sustainable Building Equipment and Systems Task Force, and the Thermal Energy Storage Task Force each held business meetings during the conference. During these meetings, which took place on Nov. 19, each group presented highlights of their programming and activities including the Center for Research and Technology Development/Emerging Technologies-led Open Research Forums that took place during the 2013 calendar year. Futu re activities to occur during the coming year were also discussed at these meetings. The Energy-Water Nexus Interdisciplinary Council outlined several upcoming activities, including sponsoring a track at the ASME Power Conference to be held July 28-31, 2014 in Baltimore, Md. proposing a topic for a technical track at the 2014 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition next November in Montreal, Canada and the upcoming publication of the ASME Press book Thermal Power Plant Cooling Context and Engineering. The book, which was edited by Carey King, will be available in January. The Integrated/Sustainable Building Equipment Systems Task Force has several key upcoming activities, including programming at the 2014 Congress, and preparing the Handbook of Mechanical Systems for Sustainable Buildings, which will be published by ASME Press. Upcoming projects discussed by the Thermal Energy Storage Task Force at its meeting included planning a topic for a technical tr ack at the 2014 Congress in Montreal, and completing and issuing a Recommendations and Action Plan document based on findings from the Open Research Forum on thermal energy storage that was held Sept. 24 at the ASME Washington, D.C., office. Hosted by ASMEs Center for Research and Technology Development and Emerging Technologies department, and the Thermal Energy Storage Task Force, the Forum showcased thermal energy storage best practices, challenges and address potential solutions and how ASME could have an impact, and featured speakers and audience members from the U.S. Department of Energy, Boeing Research and Technology, Baltimore Aircoil Co., the National Science Foundation, CALMAC Manufacturing Corp., the University of South Florida, NextEra Energy Resources, among other organizations. For more information about the ASMEs Open Research Forums, please contact Michael Tinkleman at or Norma Johnston at

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What to Do When Youre Jealous (Podcast) - The Muse

What to Do When Youre Jealous (Podcast) - The MuseWhat to Do When Youre Jealous (Podcast) The first time I experienced envy, I was in second grade and learned my friend Elyse was insanely talented at drawing. From scratch, at the age of seven, she drew a Scooby-Doo that looked just like the one on TV. I loved art, and I hated that she was better at it. Its happened to me a lot since then- when someone else has accomplished something I havent, like nailing a super high-paying gig, or earning an unexpected promotion. Even if I didnt want any of those things, I still feel quite covetous. Envy can be a dangerous feeling. It causes you to obsess about what you dont have and, thus, gets you nowhere. (Except feeling badly for yourself and resenting those youre jealous of.) But, did you know that you can use this emotion to your advantage? Yep- Im telling the truth. All it takes is one simple mind trick, which youll learn in geschehen 12 of the podcast An Uncluttered Life. So go on- make the color green look good on you again.

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Tenancy Agreement FAQ - Australia-WA

Tenancy Agreement FAQ - Australia-WATenancy Agreement FAQ - Australia-WAGeneralWhat is meant by Governing Law?The Governing Law will be the jurisdiction in which the property is located. It may or may leid coincide with the jurisdiction in which the parties reside. The Residential Tenancy Agreement will be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction wzu siche the property is located. Why isnt a verbal residential tenancy agreement sufficient?The problem with oral agreements is that they can be difficult to enforce. If a dispute arose, a court would have to hear evidence and decide whose version of the truth to accept. If there is a written agreement, courts will generally be obligated to uphold the terms of the written agreement even if they dont agree with them. What is addressed in a residential tenancy agreement?A Residential Tenancy Agreement typically addresses the following the type of property being let the address of the property being let the term of the tenancy and whether the tenancy is fixed or periodic the amount of rent payable, how often and when the rent should be paid and the provisions of any bond.In addition, a residential tenancy agreement may also identify the following taxes that are payable by the tenant landlord improvements and signing incentives tenant improvements and signing incentives landlord and tenant repair obligations, who will pay for what utilities whether the tenant can assign or sublet the property elendice provisions for termination of the tenancy and insurance provisions.What makes a residential tenancy agreement different from a commercial property lease?A residential tenancy agreement is a tenancy agreement for your home. Governments have recognised the sanctity of the home and have extended increased protections to tenants by enacting laws ensuring a minimum set of rights for tenants. A Residential Tenancy Agreement cannot take away these basic tenant rights. The PartiesWho are the parties to the tenancy agreement?The par ties to a tenancy agreement are the lessor, also called the landlord, and the lessee, also called the tenant. The lessor owns the property and allows the lessee to use the property in exchange for monetary payments called rent. Who is the landlords werber?The landlords agent may be anyone who looks after the property for the landlord. An agent may be the landlords friend, a landlords family member or a landlords real estate agent. Landlords are usually held responsible for their agents actions. What does ACN mean?Under the Corporations Act 2001, every company in Australia is issued with a unique, nine-digit number. This number is referred to as an Australian Company Number (ACN) and must be shown on a range of documents. The purpose of the ACN is to ensure adequate identification of companies when transacting business. New companies are issued with numbers by the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC) upon registration. What are the landlords obligations?The landlords obligations are defined by the terms and conditions contained in the tenancy agreement and the laws specific to where the property is located. The most important obligations of the landlord include providing the tenant access to the property and allowing the tenant peaceful enjoyment of the property. The legal owner of the property also has obligations to maintain the property to minimum standards. What are the tenants obligations?The tenants obligations are defined by this tenancy agreement and the laws specific to where the property is located. The most important obligations of the tenant are to pay rent on time and not to cause damage to the premises.What if I dont know one partys anthroponym or contact information?A blank space will be provided in the form that can be filled in later if you are missing information about one of the parties. We recommend, however, that you attempt to make the contract as complete as possible, for greater certainty. What happens if I breach a term of the tenancy agreement?If you breach a term of the tenancy agreement you are responsible for correcting it. If you are the tenant, this may involve you paying money to fix any problems caused by yourself or your guests. If you do not voluntarily pay to correct the breach you can be sued for damages sustained as a result of the breach and/or possibly evicted by the landlord.The PremisesWho can live in the premises?Only tenants and people listed as occupants may reside in the premises. The landlord must be informed and approve of any change to the list of permitted tenants. Children born or adopted while the tenant lives in the premises are automatically added to the tenancy agreement as occupants. Also, each jurisdiction may restrict the number of tenants/occupants in the premises if that number violates health or safety standards for housing. Health and safety standards are typically expressed as 1 person per X sq. metre. The standard varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so if you are concerned, check with your local housing/public health authority. What is a basement suite and how does this differ from renting a room?Typically, letting a room or a basement suite means you are sharing an accommodation with the landlord. A basement suite is a self-contained dwelling unit complete with its own kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Most tenants of a basement suite use a separate entrance to enter the house than the rest of the occupants. If you rent a room, you will likely share either the kitchen or bathroom with the landlord. What are body corporate bylaws?A body corporate is the group of all the owners of lots or units which share common property. The body corporate bylaws refer to the set of rules governing the internal management of those lots. The bylaws may specify rules relating to noise, parking, behaviour of guests, pets, garbage disposal and the use of common property. The bylaws are sometimes referred to as a Community Management Statement.Tenancy Agreement TermWhich tenancy agreement term should I use?LawDepot allows you to choose from 2 main types of tenancy agreement terms.Fixed End Date - A tenancy agreement with a fixed end date gives certainty of term for both the landlord and the tenant. It specifies the exact day the tenancy will end. The advantage here is that neither party has to give notice to terminate the tenancy agreement, it simply ends on the specified date. During a fixed term tenancy agreement the landlord cannot increase the rent, or change any other terms of the tenancy agreement unless he specifically reserves the right in the agreement, and the tenant agrees to the changes.Periodic - A periodic tenancy will continue so long as neither party wishes to terminate the tenancy agreement. To terminate the tenancy agreement the landlord and tenant must give notice of their zweck to leave as specified by statute. A landlord can raise the rent, or change the terms of the tenancy agreement in these types of agree ments by providing proper notice as required by statute. At the end of the notice period the tenant must move out or the landlord can start eviction proceedings against them.What happens when a tenant tries to terminate a fixed term tenancy?Typically when a tenant agrees to a fixed term tenancy, usually for either 6 months or 1 year, the tenant is agreeing to be responsible for the rent for that period of time. If the tenant vacates the premises prior to the end of the term of the agreement, the tenant will typically still be responsible for payment of rent for the entire length of the lease (provided the tenancy is not in a jurisdiction that allows the tenant to give notice to prematurely end a fixed term tenancy). Typically, if the Landlord is able to re-rent the premises prior to the end of the lease of the breaching tenant, the breaching tenant is no longer required to pay rent as the landlord cannot collect double rent for the premises.In addition, some leases may contain penal ty clauses whereby the tenant is required to pay re-rental fees to cover part of the cost of the landlord having to re-rent the premises. However, the amount of the re-rental fee has to be reasonable and must be a pre-estimate of the damages that the Landlord will suffer in having to re-rent the premises early.What happens when the tenancy agreement term expires?The expiry of the tenancy agreement does not necessarily terminate the rental arrangement. If a Periodic term is selected, the tenancy agreement will automatically renew based on the saatkorn terms as the first tenancy agreement, unless it is varied by giving proper notice as required by statute. So a Periodic monthly tenancy agreement that continues for one year is actually 12 separate, automatically renewing tenancy agreements. The tenancy agreement will continue to renew automatically until one of the parties wishes to terminate the tenancy agreement (by giving proper notice as required by statute).If a Fixed term is sele cted, the leasing relationship may still continue after expiry if both the landlord and the tenant wish it to. In some jurisdictions, statute dictates that it will become a Periodic term tenancy agreement, usually of the month-to-month variety, though this may vary. In other jurisdictions, the Fixed term tenancy agreement may become a tenancy at will or a tenancy at sufferance when it expires, which lasts only as long as both parties wish it to, and is not subject to as much legal protection as a Periodic tenancy agreement. If you wish to terminate all rights under a Fixed term tenancy agreement as soon as the tenancy agreement expires, you must serve proper notice before the end of the tenancy agreement term, in accordance with local statute.RentDoes the landlord have to provide receipts for rent payments?Unless the rental payment is directly being deposited into the landlords account, the landlord must provide a receipt for the payment.What should be included in a rent receipt?The receipt should state the name of the person paying the rent the date received the amount paid the premises and the rental period covered by the payment.Can the landlord increase rent?In a periodic tenancy, rent may be increased but the tenant must be given at least 60 days notice in writing, with details of the amount of the increase and the day it takes effect. The tenant has to pay the increase only if proper notice has been given. Rent cannot be increased in the first six months of a periodic tenancy, or less than six months after the previous increase.Rent in a fixed term tenancy cannot be increased during the term of the tenancy unless the agreement says so and it is at least six months since the last increase.Can a tenant challenge a rent increase?A tenant who believes the rent is too high can apply to the Small Disputes Division for a reduction, or argue against a proposed increase. The grounds for taking the issue to court are that since the tenancy began, there has been a significant reduction in the contents or facilities provided with the premises or the landlord was making significant increases to the rent to force the tenant to leave.NoticeHow much notice do I need to give to terminate a tenancy?In most jurisdictions, there is a minimum period of notice required by statute. The tenancy agreement can specify a notice period longer than the legal minimum, but it cannot specify a period shorter than the legal minimum. If it does, the legal minimum notice will still be required. You should consult the governing statute for these legal minimums as they will vary according to jurisdiction and the type and length of the tenancy agreement. What is notice to enter?A landlord usually does not have the right to enter a rented apartment suite unless there is an emergency, for example a fire or gas leak, or unless the landlord gives the tenant proper notice as defined by statute. So long as the proper notice is given, a tenant cannot refuse entry to a landlor d. What should I do if I do not want to renew my tenancy agreement?You must provide proper notice to the landlord that you do not intend to renew the tenancy agreement, before the tenancy agreement expires. Notice must be given a certain amount of time before the tenancy agreement expires, as dictated by statute in your jurisdiction. This amount of time is called the notice period. Typically, the notice period is one month for leases with a term of one month or less, and two or three months for leases with a term of more than one month, but this will vary according to the jurisdiction. You should consult the governing statute for the jurisdiction the property is located in to find out the required notice period for your tenancy agreement. rentenpapier and DepositsWhat is a bond/security deposit?A bond/security deposit is a sum of money the tenant pays to the landlord to guarantee that the tenant will fulfill all obligations under the tenancy agreement. The landlord holds the securit y deposit in trust for the term of the tenancy agreement to ensure that the tenant does not default on the terms of the tenancy agreement or otherwise damage the property. Should the tenant damage the property (normal wear and tear excluded) or if the Tenant has not paid rent, the landlord is entitled to recover the amount owing from the security deposit. Usually the tenant must provide the landlord with the security deposit at the start of the tenancy agreement term. At the end of the tenancy agreement term, the tenant will receive the deposit back minus any deductions for repairs/restoration.Please musiknote in some jurisdictions, a landlord is not allowed to ask for a security deposit. In other jurisdictions, a landlord may require both a security deposit and other types of deposits (for example, a pet damage deposit). You should review the governing legislation for the location of the property to make sure the type of deposit is allowable. What is the maximum amount of bond/secu rity deposit?In Western Australia the maximum bond equals four weeks rent, plus an extra $100 if pets are kept on the premises. If the premises have been the owners principal residence for the previous 3 months or if the weekly rent exceeds $500 then there is no limit on the amount of the bond.What should the landlord do after accepting a bond?When the landlord accepts a bond payment from the tenant the landlord must do the following Give a receipt immediately, showing the name of the person who paid, the premises involved, the amount paid and the date. Within 14 days place the bond into a Tenancy Bond Account with the Bond Administrator, or an authorised financial institution (bank, building society, credit union). Real estate agents who are handling the property should deposit the bond as soon as practicable into a REBA Tenancy Bond Trust Account, or into an individual Tenancy Bond Account held by the Bond Administrator. Have the bond held in a joint account showing the names of t he owner and tenant. In order to do this, bond monies must be lodged using Form 8 (Lodgement/Variation of Security Bond Money). Financial institutions may have their own version of this form. The signatures of both the landlord/agent and tenants must be endorsed on the form. Keep a record of the bond payment which includes the date, amount, name and number of the account into which the amount was paid. The prescribed Form 1 (Record of Payment) attached to the Form 8 has been designed for record keeping. The completed blue copy must be given to the tenant within 28 days of paying the money to the bond holder. A separate version of Form 1 (Record of Payment) is available for use by owners/agents if required.Where can I get Form 8 (Variation or Lodgement of Security of Bond Money)?Form 8 (Variation or Lodgement of Security Bond Money) is available from Consumer and Employment Protection.Where can I get Form 1 (Record of Payment)?Form 1 (Record of Payment) is available from Consumer and Employment Protection. When can the landlord deduct from the bond/security deposit?The landlord can deduct from the bond/security deposit when the tenancy ends and the tenant owes the landlord money for either unpaid rent or damage to the premises. The landlord generally cannot deduct for reasonable wear and tear on the premises, (i.e. wear and tear that occurs just from living in the premises). The landlord can deduct for stains on the carpet or countertops, large holes in the wall, and missing appliances and other such things that are beyond reasonable wear and tear. Condition ReportWhat is a condition report?Prior to moving in, the tenant and the landlord should walk through the premises and write down any existing damage. This written account is called a condition report. The landlord and tenant should both get a copy of this report. It is also a good idea to take photographs or a video of the condition of the premises. This will assist in interpretation of the a condition repo rt if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy.In some jurisdictions, a condition report is also required upon moving out, as a condition for the landlord to make a claim against the tenants security deposit/bond.Why do I need a condition report?A condition report will help to prove what damage was caused by the tenant for purposes of deducting the amount to fix the damage from the bond. MiscellaneousWhat is an assignment and how does it differ from a sublease?Assignments and subleases both occur when the tenant gives his/her rights under the tenancy agreement to a third party. A sublease or an assignment typically requires the consent of the landlord. An assignment occurs when the tenant gives to a third party all of his or her remaining rights under a tenancy agreement for the entire term of the tenancy agreement. If a tenant assigns property and the landlord consents to the assignment, that tenant no longer has any rights to the property nor any obligations to the landlord. I n a sublease the tenant can transfer a portion of the leased space (e.g. a room in a house) or a portion of the tenancy (e.g. for 5 of the remaining 6 months of the tenancy agreement) to a third party. The original tenant retains whatever rights under the tenancy agreement he or she has that were not transferred to the third party, and also retains most of his or her obligations under the tenancy agreement. The original tenant can still sue and be sued by the landlord for lease violations. What are signing incentives?Signing incentives are bonuses the landlord gives to the tenant, typically for either signing a tenancy agreement or signing a fixed term tenancy agreement. They may include free months rent, or a rent decrease for the months of the fixed term tenancy. If the tenant breaches the tenancy agreement, these incentives may have to be paid back to the landlord. Why do tenants need insurance? Doesnt the landlord already have it?While the landlord typically has insurance, it u sually covers only the landlords assets and liabilities. If you want coverage for your personal belongings or for your own negligence, you need to have renters insurance. What coverage you want should be discussed with an insurance agent.What is meant by the Act?The Act refers to the legislation governing residential tenancy agreements in your jurisdiction. After you select the Location of Property when you are filling out the Tenancy Agreement Details, you will see a link beneath your selection to the governing legislation for the jurisdiction you have selected. It is not necessary to specifically state the name of the Act in your contract, as the relevant legislation is satisfactorily identified by the severability clause of your tenancy agreement. What does the clause other charges will be treated as rental arrears mean?Some rental contracts contain payments other than rental payments. For example the tenant may be required to pay utilities bills, or NSF charges, late fees or oth er charges.If these charges are not paid by the tenant, the landlord may treat these unpaid amounts as non-payments of rent and start eviction proceedings against the tenant for non-payment of rent. If this clause was not in the contract, the landlord could not treat a failure to pay these bills as a non-payment of rent and could not start and eviction process as quickly (or at all in some cases).What happens if I sign a tenancy agreement but cannot move in or take possession?When you sign a tenancy agreement, you are promising under contract that you will pay rent to the landlord. This is a legal obligation that courts take seriously. You may be liable to the landlord for loss of revenue that the landlord suffers as a result of you not paying the rent, even if you have a good reason for not being able to take possession. In some situations it may be less costly for you to simply take possession and immediately serve notice that you will be vacating as soon as the notice period expi res - it may sometimes be better to pay for one or two months rent than to go to court and be forced to pay more.Because this is a complicated situation, you may wish to contact a qualified lawyer in your jurisdiction, especially if large sums of money are involved. You should inform your landlord immediately of the situation, so it cannot later be claimed that the landlord suffered losses as a result of not knowing that you were not going to move in. You may also wish to contact your local Residential Tenancies Board or government agency who oversees landlord/tenant disputes to find out the extent of your liability, which may or may not be limited by statute.